DOG MYTHS: What you Believe about dogs can come back to BITE You!

DOG MYTHS: What you Believe about dogs can come back to BITE You!

Order Now on Amazon  $25.00 for paperback or $6.99 for online e-versions (Apple iBooks, etc)My Hot-Listed book for people with dogs of all ages and breeds is here! This book details the harmful beliefs so many good people (and pro trainers) cling to about dogs and common training methods despite the fact that by doing so, they are harming their dog and exhibiting piss-poor interspecies communication. 

If you have a puppy get this book!  If you have a rescue dog you desperately need this book!  If you have an older dog with behavioral issues then we'd highly recommend this book!  If you have a loved one that could use this book then give them Dog Myths.  We are already receiving great feedback about Dog Myths truly helping people.  The reviews are great! 
There is so much foolishness and ineffective methodology (Positive reinforcement and Punitive reinforcement alike) that professionals in the industry keep pumping down our throats...and the sinister thing about this, is that mainstream dog training/behavior mod. does NOT prevent Future behavior problems!  We see the truth of that fact Every single day in our business.  Clients come to us after previously trying other dog training and, or course, it didn't work for them.  It's always the same story - "give the dog a job" or "motivate it with more treats" or "roll it on it's back and show it who is boss."  All of those are unnatural techniques that the mother and father dog would seldom if ever utilize!  Dog Myths honestly asks the tough questions and then provides natural, real world solutions for the reader.  The answers you are looking for lie in natural, calming communication based in movement and proper energy levels NOT in bribery with food or harsh handling just to make a dog perform a frivolous trick!  What good is obedience if dogs are smart enough to manipulate that obedience and remain or grow more aggressive, or fearful, or anxious, or hyper?  What good is obedience if your relationship stinks or your dog is hyper and manipulative and untrustworthy?  The relationship should be the reward Not anything external!  Dog Myths contains our winning and calming, natural philosophy in every page.
Find out why dogs flop over and show their bellys and why they are able to manipulate their owners because of it!  Find out the biggest behavioral myths in the dog training industry that are actually hurting your relationship and communication between you and your dog and then follow the simple, clear, step-by-step tips at the end of each enlightening chapter.  This is not your average dog or puppy training manuel.  

Dog Myths is available Now on Amazon, or Apple iBooks, or Barnes & Noble or most places books are sold!  T
his book is helping lower the stress in peoples' homes, helping change walks in their neighborhoods for the better, and helping stop the insanity that used to occur at front doors, in cars, or wherever dog behavioral problems wind up rearing their ugly head!  Calm sociability can be yours and it can be your dog's!
Dog Myths will help any one with an open or curious mind.


So Long Separation Anxiety

Order on Amazon Have you ever been taken hostage? Masses of kind and caring dog owners are living out each day in a horrific real life hostage situation because their pet suffers with terrible Separation Anxiety! When our loved ones suffer (be they man or beast) we inevitably suffer too. When our dogs are anxious we, in turn, can eventually become anxious too. From the author of Dog Myths: What you Believe about dogs can come back to Bite You!, comes Garrett's next illuminating book, So Long Separation Anxiety!

Treating separation anxiety in dogs used to be a difficult path to navigate for both industry professional and lay person alike but that, Friends, is about to change! Some dog trainers and behaviorists would suggest food treats be given in order to occupy the anxious dog's mind while the owner is away. Many vets would suggest simply drugging your anxious dog. Why is it that we seldom if ever hear of a calming, natural, spatial solution for successfully treating separation anxiety? Why don't we hear more about the spatial movements that all dogs employ when speaking their own specific canine language? Why is separation anxiety prevalent in households across the globe today if the majority of vets' and dog trainers' methods are truly sound? Could it be possible that we need to reevaluate our method of treatment for separation anxiety? Shouldn't we take a closer look at dog language and at canine energy levels in order to find the answers and solutions that so many desperately seek? Shouldn't you and your dog be able to live anxiety free? Are you sick of being a hostage to your dog's separation anxiety? If you answered those questions with a resounding, "YES!" then this book is for You!


Garrett Stevens presents  The Custom Calming Collar!


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Alpha Omega Collar

Our custom hand made collar is the ideal training collar. Strong, safe, and smooth-functioning, the Custom Calming Collar will greatly aid in perfecting a heel or loose leash walking. The Custom Calming Collar is the professional's choice. I hand make them from military grade, 7 strand, 550 parachute cord. The collars are incredibly strong and resistant to rot, abrasions and mildew.  They will NOT choke your dog if measured right and handled properly.  If you desire a calmer walk - Get THIS collar!

Our Custom Calming Collar snaps around the highest part of your dog's neck so it makes a perfect fit for ease of control and safeguarding the trachea. The Custom Calming Collar flows effortlessly and smoothly (there are no pounded metal links) which helps immeasurably with training a dog to keep calm and keep the leash loose.  This solves the two major problems found in most training tools/collars on the market today.

Our collar will out perform ANY choke chain, pinch collar, prong collar, martingale collar, flat buckle collar, gentle leader, halti, or Any body harness. (Most dogs pull more in a harness!) If your puppy or dog is over-excited, pulls, lunges, jumps, over-smells, over-marks, suffers from fear or aggression, or just needs a better heel this custom calming collar is the perfect tool for you.

Alpha Omega Collar Alpha Omega Collar

Directions for Measuring:

When you measure your dog's neck you want to make sure it is fitted like a glove. This is important because you don't want it to slide down (almost every other collar on the market slides too far down- and they don't function like they should!) There is a ridge just behind the dog's ears, just under the jawline, and just behind the occipital bone on the back of the dogs skull where the collar should rest. Be specific in your measurements and then specify on the order form. Sizes are in half inch increments. I always ask people to measure twice just to be certain they have the right measurement.  * This collar is not meant to be worn around the house casually but is intended for training or kept with the leash for walking.  We are not responsible if your dog was to somehow snag it while unattended and choke.*

For long haired breeds you should measure nice and snug and then add half an inch (unless you keep them trimmed all the time).

For puppies you should measure snug then add a couple inches. If you have a giant breed call me with the age of the pup or add more inches. When you receive the collar you can always tie a knot or two in it, and as the puppy grows, you can take the knots out.

If the collar is too loose and the measurement was a little off (they are hand made in Pierce County) just tie a knot or two in it until it is real snug at the top of your dog's neck and it will function perfectly.  You should notice an instant difference on your first walk with this collar!

What people are saying about our Custom Calming Collar...

"Garrett's collars work tremendously well for my two strong, young adult Rotties.  We saw an immediate change on our walk!  Now that they are calmer we get to take them out more often.  Thanks again."
John B.  Lakewood, WA

"There was an instant difference after we put the collar on.  The collar functions great and makes walking our dog so much easier."
Edwin J.  Tacoma, WA

"These (collars) are great!  They work great for controlling our two Danes!"
Michelle F.  Port Orchard, WA

"Amazing collar you've created!  Moose is making huge strides in just a few hours.  I'm amazed at the progress.  The insight you've provided us is invaluable.  We can't wait for the next session.  The collar makes walking Moose a complete pleasure.  It allows us to put the techniques to work while seeing immediate success!  He's obviously enjoying it.   
  Thanks,"  Alex P.  Ft. Lewis, WA





Coming Soon...

  • More Instructional videos by Garrett Stevens
  • Upcoming book on all things dog behavior (This one will specifically detail the Garrett Stevens Method of calm communication!)
  • Upcoming book on Rescue dogs and the vitally important "honeymoon phase"
  • Possibly our own TV show!  We are in talks currently with TV executives that want to go forward with a show!