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Welcome to Garrett Stevens' Alpha and Omega dog training.   Winner of Best Pet Training in Tacoma and Winner of Best Small Business!

Our CALM, natural behavior modification method (the Garrett Stevens Method) will definitely help you.  From severe dog aggression, phobias, separation anxiety, or hyperactivity to simple puppy behavior shaping, our family-owned company can enlighten you and transform your dog!  No other local trainer or behaviorist comes as highly recommended by as many dog professionals! See for yourself on our Testimonials page.  With our help you can learn legitimate dog language and improve your dog's behavior!   We empower both owner and dog to their greatest potential by developing a REWARDING RELATIONSHIP based in Calm Leadership and how all canine's function and relate to one another.  We get results with even the most challenging of canine issues.  

Our unique relational approach to dog training does NOT rely on weak external motivation like positive reinforcement or punitive reinforcement, instead we delve much deeper into the excellent and naturally rewarding internal motivation all dogs and people crave!  Aren't you sick of cramming food treats down your pup's throat and pretending it's "positive" and beneficial?  Aren't you tired of pumping up your dog's energy in exchange for what is oftentimes a frivolous trick that, in reality, has little to do with your dog's calm sociability or an excellent, healthy relationship with you?  Or, perhaps you're on the opposite side of the coin and are beginning to question Why you've may have been instructed to give your powerful breed dog yet another harsh, usually overboard and largely unnecessary "correction" in exchange for rigid obedience postures that, in reality in the modern world and amongst all canines, have little or nothing to do with how well your dog will get along with you, your family, your friends, and society in general? 
Why is it that mainstream dog trainers and behaviorists constantly work against Mother Nature and against your dog as they consistently raise the dog or puppy's energy?  That is never what the mother or father dog would do and, if we're being honest, it is Not what good dog owners do either!  When a dog is calm  - behavioral issues melt away naturally.  This is what we are offering you.  This goes far beyond obedience and "training."

Take your time checking the entire website because we have so many excellent options to offer you and your dog!  From incredibly unique Board and Train options to our custom, private training sessions, or our terrific Pup Perfect Program we are always in demand because our methods work in the real world.

ATTENTION ATTENTION!  *Garrett's upcoming third book on dog and human behavior is almost finished!  Stay tuned for further updates!


DOG MYTHS: What you Believe about dogs can come back to BITE  


Order Garrett's groundbreaking book DOG MYTHS: What you Believe about dogs can come back to BITE You! on Amazon.  

Did you know that when a dog or pup rolls over and exposes his/her belly that this is NOT usually a Submissive gesture?  Were you aware that when a dog licks you that this is NOT the human equivalent of kissing?  Harmful myths abound concerning our dogs, their language, and their training.  These false beliefs lead dog owners astray and hurt the relationship and hype up the energy too! 

Mainstream dog training methods are woefully behind the times!  Our dogs are so adept socially that they can perform your "tricks" and "obedience" and still remain Aggressive, or Fearful, or Anxious, or Hyper, or Destructive, or Rude, or have any number of problem behaviors.  Learn proper dog languge and then we can adjust, for the benefit of owner and dog, any behavioral issue.  It can be much simpler than you think.  No bribery with food and no harsh handling required!

Click the link - Read the free sample - then order it!  IF read with an open and curious mind...
Dog Myths will help prevent, reverse, or eliminate Any behavioral issue!!!

Order GarSo Long Separation Anxietyrett's second incredible book on dog behavior - SO LONG SEPARATION ANXIETY!  It is loaded with hands-on, step-by-step, practical solutions for anxious dogs (or owners) of all ages. 

Every puppy on the planet comes instinctively equipped with some separation anxiety.  This book will help calmly diminish that.  Stop drugging your anxious dog and stop bribing it with peanut butter - follow the simple spatial exercises in So Long Separation Anxiety and you'll see big changes in short order!  Our readers adore this book and so will you.  If you liked Dog Myths you'll love So Long Separation Anxiety

Prevent anxiety, destruction, hyperactivity, and excessive neediness in your puppy - read this book!  It's only $2.99



We love dogs and will show you how to have a real relationship based on respect and trust and built on the natural calming movements that all canine society is based on.  There is often a tragic disconnect between owners and their dogs because too many pro dog trainers and behaviorists make their training about something external (excessive bribery with food treats or, on the opposite end, harsh, over-board punishment!  These common extremes should be avoided in most cases!)  The relationship and real communication mixed with energy control is what is most important in the brain of your individual dog and in all society!  Our team of experts will calm, educate, and empower you, relax and change your dog, which, in turn, helps the household function smoothly!

When others see problems; we see opportunities!

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We are also thrilled to announce STEVENS FAMILY KENNELS and Dog Language Center has custom Behavior Rehab and Board and Train programs for new puppies and/or for the biggest monsters out there suffering with the most serious of issues!  Our dog language center is a 4000sqft facility on five private acres in Puyallup (call with questions or to reserve a spot on the schedule - be aware - these unique board and train services book up quick and are highly in demand)!  There's a link to Stevens Family Kennels at the top of this page. 


Check out the Testimonials about our amazing work!  We have an excellent reputation for preventing and solving real issues with the dogs and come highly recommended by many other people and dog professionals in the area.  We've even been approached on two different occasions about potential television shows based on our custom training methods and the awesome results we bring our clients!  If you've been burned before by other behaviorists or trainers whose methods simply did not work then you've come to the right place.  Let your dog or pup experience the calmness and real canine communication they desperately desire.  


Experience the difference calmness makes!

Does your dog or puppy pull or lunge on leash?  

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"Garrett is the only trainer we recommend. He is great with dogs and people. His methods differ from other trainers because he gets results no matter how difficult the dog."
- David, owner Fort Fido Doggie Daycare, University Place, WA
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